Construction workers looking ahead showcasing the X on the back of Tough Duck safety garments.

X-back design improves worker safety

With the size, speed, and power of today’s heavy-duty equipment it’s essential to be seen on today’s jobsites. When workers are operating equipment, they’re focused on their task at hand like cutting through concrete, excavation, or backing a semi-trailer into a very tight space and not with what’s happening around them. That’s where the X-back design comes in.

The X-back on Tough Duck hi-vis apparel enhances safety on the jobsite as it communicates to everyone around them which direction a construction worker is looking. Essentially, it lets equipment operators know in an instant if they are seeing someone’s front or back. If they know someone can’t see them and in some cases can’t hear them if they’re wearing decibel dampening headwear or listening to music they’ll proceed with extra caution. This is not the case with the traditional U-back design. With this style, it’s hard for equipment operators to quickly identify if a person can see them coming or not; reducing their safety.

The bottom line, the X-back design provides an additional layer of protection making it an essential component of workplace safety.