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Fooler Front Quilt Lined Flannel Hooded Shirt



Daybreak. Your breath hangs in front of your face in steamy little clouds as you look over the space where there used to be a cattle fence. They’re not going to put themselves back in the corral. You tighten the cuffs on your flannel shirt and grab a thumbful of throttle.

  • 100% brushed cotton yarn dyed flannel, double preshrunk
  • Lining: quilted 5 oz polyester lining and insulation.
  • Two lower pockets
  • Fooler front zipper closer
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Poly/cotton jersey hood with drawstring
  • Two chest pockets with flap and snap closure
  • Inside and media pockets
  • Pencil slot
  • Spring snap front closure

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price starts at:
CAN $69.99  |  USA $54.99

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