If this vest could speak.

by Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson standing in a field at glowing sunset next to his motorcycle.

This beautiful workwear staple stared back at me from the rack looking so brand new and oh-so pristine, it was like seeing my destiny before my eyes in all its duck canvas glory. I knew the moment I tried it on at the small workwear shop we were going to be very close friends. And very close we became.

About 4–5 years ago, I set out on my first major length moto journey. About 7,000 km round trip. From the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, all the way to the sunshine state and the deserts of Arizona, and then back again. Not bad for a first ride. It was also the first journey together with my beloved Tough Duck vest.

Daniel Johnson chilling in a pool chair at the bottom of an empty pool wearing a Quilt Line Vest by Tough Duck.

We set out on the highway heading south, both of us desperately yearning for new experiences. We rode through freezing rain, soul-crushing desert crosswinds, and the epic feeling of riding through picturesque Southern California in the summertime. We slept on floors, couches, motel beds, and more times than not, this particular vest served as my pillow somewhere out in the wilderness.

After seemingly endless kilometres/miles/experiences over the years, I feel like this vest is just now finally broken in. I’ve ruined and lost a fair amount of jackets and vests on these adventures and somehow this Tough Duck vest has passed the proverbial test and is now my must-have go-to accessory for any future excursion. I highly recommend you get one and begin your epic journey together.