A coat saved my life.

by Craig Creighton in Lindsay, ON

Craig Chreighton sweeping his work shop while wearing a brown Tough Duck Hooded Bomber Jacket

A few years ago, I started a business called Creighton Docks and Boat Lifts Ltd. where I build decks and docks for people in the area. One morning, I was tidying up my remote workshop and cutting some cedar 2×4s into 2×2s on my table saw for some under supports.

My saw jammed as I was pushing the wood through. When I went to adjust it, the saw unexpectedly propelled the 2×4 right into my abdomen. I went flying to the ground and felt the wind knocked out of me. I reached under my coat to see if everything was in place and saw blood all over my hands. I thought I was impaled and about to die.

Craig Creighton using his table sawwearing brown Tough Duck Hooded Bomber Jacket

As I laid on the ground I wondered how I was going to be found. I managed the strength to crawl the 60 feet out of the shop to see if someone could find me and then hoped for the best. After some time, I realized I wasn’t dead yet.

Craig Creighton sitting in doorway of his shed wearing a brown Tough Duck jacket

I eventually hobbled to the front step of my house where my wife came running to the door. She took a look at me and said, “your abdomen looks to be punctured and there’s a lot of blood.” She got me to the hospital right away.

Craig Creighton standing in front of wooden shed with his wife wearing a brown Tough Duck jacket

I was assessed immediately by a nurse whose mouth dropped when she saw what happened and I was rushed for a CT scan to ensure my liver was intact. I had never been through an ER so fast. The doctor who saw me said “if you hadn’t been wearing your jacket you’d be dead. The 2×4 would have gone right through you.” I’ll never forget those words. In the end, I had massive bruising right to the back of my abdomen but my liver was ok. Days later, I checked my coat and it barely had a mark. I couldn’t believe it. I still have an L-shaped 2×4 scar from the incident.

Every time I put it on I think back to that day and thank my lucky coat for saving my life that day.