Custom solutions that fit you.

For over 80 years we’ve been working with some of the world’s largest brands to create luxury garments and outerwear that fit their needs.

As an extension of their team we engrain ourselves into a culture and put a strong focus on collaboration to ensure what we build meets the needs of our partners.

Services we provide

We design patterns, select and procure fabric and components, manufacture garments right from our head office here in Winnipeg, Manitoba and globally, manage inventory and ship to where it’s needed.

We’ll work together to determine what’s necessary to ensure what’s truly required gets put into place.

Pattern Design

Our pattern maker Jaime creating a design on his computer.

Selecting Fabric

Careful attention goes into selecting the right fabrics and colors for every piece of apparel we design and manufacture.

Spec Packs

For every design that's created a detailed spec pack is put together to help facilitate the manufacturing process.


Made in Canada garments are manufactured right from our head office here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Our Richlu Manufacturing trucks help ensure garments get to where they need to go.