These are stories of Duckers out in the wild wearing our gear. Do you have an experience you want to share?

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A masked hero.

I distributed 792 masks to elementary kids. The response has been amazing. I’ve received cards from students along with pictures of them holding their new Tough Duck mask.

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Looking Bad. Doing Good.

4,000 km’s later on that one trip alone, I definitely put the vest through the ringer. The more oil and dirt that gets on it the better it gets.

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A coat saved my life.

The doctor who saw me said “if you hadn’t been wearing your jacket you’d be dead. The 2×4 would have gone right through you.” I’ll never forget those words.

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If this vest could speak.

I knew the moment I tried it on at the small workwear shop we were going to be very close friends. And very close we became.

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Tiny home—tough clothes.

We went straight to the local hardware supply store to pick up our first pair of Tough Duck overalls as we know they could handle what was coming.

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The chainsaw non-massacre.

Without warning, it kicked back and swung at my leg. I felt the pressure of the chain so I feared the absolute worst, a deep slash into my thigh.

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Sparking an idea.

I never thought I’d end up starting a company in 2014 that would not only combine the two things I love; being outside and creating...

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